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Sheila Stories - #05 - Dingoes

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In Thomas’s world:

Natalie and April surprise Thomas as they seek to bring Chris closer into the family.

And in Sheila’s world:

On a prospecting trip into the Western Downs, Sheila’s truck breaks down and she must wait overnight for help. But the wild dingoes arrive first.

Sheila Stories - #03 - The Eastern Brown Snake

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In Thomas's world:

Thomas interviews a woman-Chris Carbone-as a prospective tenant for the spare apartment, but he is intimidated because she is attractive. However, Natalie and April fall in love with Chris’s dog, Trixie.

And in Sheila's world:

Sheila expands her operation by purchasing a dairy farm where she comes face to face with a deadly Eastern Brown Snake.

Sheila Stories - #02 - Darling Downs

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In Thomas’s world:

Natalie and April beg their father to allow them to have a dog like the one in the first Sheila story, but Thomas is reluctant because of the cost.

And in Sheila’s world:

Sheila struggles to ride a pony and realizes she needs the help of Tom and his family to survive as a farmer.

Sheila Stories - #01 - On to Toowoomba

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Thomas—a widower—seeks to create a strong female role model for his daughters Natalie and April by telling them the Sheila Stories.

In the first story, Sheila Wright—at the age of eighteen—travels from her home in Sydney to Toowoomba, Queensland, with the intention of buying a sheep farm.