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The Ringer — a Joe Robbins pre-series short story


Joe’s girlfriend Rose asks him to quit boxing the night before a charity match

My breath caught when Rose came through the door. She stopped to chat with a girl she knew. It wasn’t that she had the looks of a runway model, like a Giselle or someone like that. No. Not that. She wasn’t tall enough, for one thing. But everything about her fit together perfectly: her hair, her skin, the gold flecks on the edges of her soft brown irises, and mostly, the way she moved. I couldn’t resist staring at her as she turned from her friend and strolled toward me.

And then she asked me to drop out of the charity boxing match…

The Ringer is a pre-series Joe Robbins short story that provides background for the characters of Joe, Rose, and Joe’s best friend, Neil.

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