Patrick Kelly

Announcing The Island Thief -- Joe Robbins Book Four -- available on Amazon May 1st


On a working holiday in Santorini, Joe Robbins tangles with the local mob

Amateur boxer turned freelance executive Joe Robbins travels to Santorini for fun and to consult a hotelier whose business is flagging. Subsequent to a minor traffic incident, a low-level mobster slaps Joe’s driver around, and Joe intervenes. No big deal. Bullies never take a second run at a better fighter. But then a woman Joe befriends is strangled in her hotel room. Was it the low level mobster out for revenge? The local police think not, for they have evidence to the contrary.

On the business side, Joe discovers his client’s manager is an inside thief. Furthermore, the fraudster is the bookkeeper for the mob’s scheme to embezzle funds from a public works project. When Joe shares his findings with the police, they explain that in Santorini, the mob has long arms and a loud voice, and they have broadcast a message far and wide:

Kill the American . . .

The Island Thief is the fourth book in a series of financial thrillers featuring finance executive Joe Robbins. Patrick Kelly’s thrillers are chock-full of action, bursting with suspense, and topped off with a trace of romance.

Each of the novels in the series can be read on a standalone basis.