Patrick Kelly


The Joe Robbins Series has received consistently good feedback from readers of all stripes.

"Kelly’s breezy prose keeps Robbins’ white-collar investigations lively."   --  Kirkus Reviews

“fast-paced and engaging, particularly the ever-changing cat-and-mouse games at the story's peak”      - Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Patrick Kelly proves once again that he has what it takes to write entertaining, page-turning novels.” - Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

“Joe may be a good CFO, but he's an even better detective and carries the mystery like a seasoned professional.”      - Kirkus Reviews

“Patrick Kelly is the Austin version of John Grisham, but with more of a business grounding.”      - Brett Hurt, Founder of Bazaarvoice, Coremetrics, and Hurt Family Investments

“It brings to mind the raw fatalism of noir crime stories of old, but with a modern sophisticated hero who is searching for answers in the streets and neighborhoods of Austin.”      - Wade Monroe, Angel Investor - Austin, Texas

“a refreshing change from the many retired spy/assassin stories”      - Michael Durham, Independent Corporate Director

“Joe Robbins is a flawed hero wrestling with tough decisions, but he’s also a CFO who’s not afraid to kick ass and take names.” - Mark Miller, CFO – Active Network

Amazon reviewers:

“This mystery kept me guessing until the very last page.”

“I read this book in two days. It was almost impossible to put down.”

“a fantastic debut novel.”

"I can feel the Austin sun and almost taste the margarita as I visualize the team from the start up 'Connection' at the other end of the bar."

"There are a few scenes in the novel that are incredibly suspenseful, to the point that my heart was quite literally racing as I read them."

"Joe is a flawed hero, but one [that] readers really care about, a tough guy with a head for numbers and a heart that's easy to break."

"Joe, our protagonist, is a compelling CFO/self-made detective and vulnerable to the temptations of his position of privilege and opportunities.”

"The protagonist, Joe Robbins, is a highly skilled and complex character."