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"Only Yes Means Yes is a compelling, must-read for both teens and adults." - Rae's Reading Lounge


What’s a launch team?

A team to help me launch my novels by reading a FREE copy in advance of publication and then posting an honest review on Amazon. I welcome all feedback, both positive and negative.

To achieve success in the self-publication of a novel, it is critical to have three things:

  1. A great book. My novels have consistently attracted strong reviews. My most recent novel Only Yes Means Yes has received detailed and insightful reviews from readers. Check them out on Amazon here: Only Yes Means Yes.

  2. A great cover. I love the cover for Only Yes Means Yes. It conveys the theme and tension of the story artistically.

  3. Credibility through a sufficient number of reviews. This is the mission of the launch team.

How do I join the launch team?

Simple. Enter your name and email address in the form below or send an email to me at

My next novel, The Island Thief, Joe Robbins Book Four, will be released on May 1. Shortly before the novel is released, I will send an email to the launch team with a link that will allow you to download the book in whatever electronic means you prefer (Kindle, iBook, .pdf, etc.)

Thank you for joining the launch team.

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Special offer: If you would like to read a free review copy of any of my other novels in exchange for reading the book and posting an honest on Amazon, reach out to me at