Patrick Kelly

"Only Yes Means Yes is a compelling, must-read for both teens and adults." - Rae's Reading Lounge


A fraud investigation awakens a slumbering serial killer . . .

Financial consultant Joe Robbins is hired by the mesmerizing rock star Sophie Tyler to investigate a fraud. Joe solves the case in a couple days. But then the perpetrator is brutally murdered, and Sophie’s manager, Johnson Sagebrush, disappears. Subsequently, Sagebrush calls Joe out of the blue to probe him for information about his developing relationship with Sophie. On the call, Joe gets an eerie feeling Sagebrush has killed before.

The police learn that Sagebrush is an alias fabricated ten years earlier. Next, Sagebrush tries to kill Joe in a harrowing hand-to-hand fight Joe narrowly escapes. Now Joe’s pissed. Digging further, he learns the truth--Sagebrush is in fact a serial killer from Oklahoma on the run for twenty years.

Sagebrush calls Joe twice more, and Joe begins to learn what makes the killer tick. He doesn’t believe in right and wrong. He goes by primordial rules. And the game he’s playing with Joe is simple:

Kill or be killed.

“I could barely put this book down. It's a great vacation read. Easy. Clear. Fast. And damned interesting.” - Gretchen Rix, author of The Cimarron Bride

“Like the other detective series I’ve been absorbed with over the years, Robert Palmer’s Spenser and John MacDonald’s Travis McGee among them, Joe Robbin feels almost like an old friend by this point in the series.” - Amazon reviewer

“I just love that Joe Robbins, the hero, is a CFO.” - Patricia Little, CFO, The Hershey Company

“I loved the live Austin music scenes, particularly Sophie Tyler’s shows at Emo’s and the Austin City Limits Festival.” - John Price, CEO, VAST.COM

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