Patrick Kelly

"Only Yes Means Yes is a compelling, must-read for both teens and adults." - Rae's Reading Lounge


Financial consultant Joe Robbins must choose between family, justice, and saving the life of a prostitute.

Joe’s estranged wife Rose invites him to rejoin the family on one condition: he must stop trying to save the world. Joe happily agrees. Then his best friend is murdered, and Joe knows who ordered the hit, a money launderer for ruthless drug cartels. The DEA get involved, but without evidence, the investigation stalls.

Joe breaks into the kingpin’s back office to steal key evidence and then wipes his hands of the affair. Subsequently, the kingpin kidnaps a former prostitute that Joe once helped get into rehab. Here’s the deal: the kingpin will free the woman in exchange for the evidence. But Joe has already turned it over to the DEA.

To have any chance of saving the woman, Joe must abandon happiness and sneak into the midst of a murderous cartel gang . . .

“Joe may be  good CFO, but he’s an even better detective and carries the mystery like a seasoned professional.” - Kirkus Reviews

“Patrick Kelly is the Austin version of John Grisham, but with more of a business grounding.” - Brett Hurt, Founder of Bazaarvoice, Coremetrics, and Hurt Family Investments

“Austin readers will particularly appreciate it, as it takes place here, complete with restaurants, roads, and terrain that Austinites will know well.” - Amazon reviewer

“Patrick Kelly clearly knows the world of finance and the city of Austin and uses this knowledge to write a taut and very entertaining book.” - Amazon reviewer

“Joe Robbins is a well developed character and the story line kept me interested from beginning to end!” - Amazon reviewer

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