Patrick Kelly

"Only Yes Means Yes is a compelling, must-read for both teens and adults." - Rae's Reading Lounge


A disgraced finance executive must catch a killer or be killed . . .

Former boxer and current financial executive Joe Robbins moves his family to Austin to become Chief Financial Officer of Connection Software. His plan is to get rich in the company’s IPO. When the company falls apart, the IPO is called off, and the board forces the CEO to fire Joe. With a pending tax bill he can’t afford to pay, Joe faces bankruptcy.

Then a director of the board is brutally murdered. The police half suspect Joe but also need his help to decipher the motivations of the management team. When a second director is murdered, the CEO fears for his own safety and offers Joe a substantial reward to find the killer. Joe readily agrees because he needs the money and success would boost his self-esteem.

But he better catch the killer fast for there’s no guarantee the killer won’t kill Joe first.

“fast-paced and engaging, particularly the ever-changing cat-and-mouse games at the story's peak” - Foreword Clarion Reviews

“I can feel the Austin sun and taste the margarita as I visualize the team from Connection Software at the other end of the bar.” – Amazon reviewer

“I read A Fateful Greed in one day because I couldn't put it down.” - Carol Fox, author of Ask Me Nothing

“a fast-paced murder mystery/thriller with twists and turns through the Austin high tech scene” - Amazon five-star review

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